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Leather essentials that age with dignity and stay relevant in the course of time

Our Story

Z A M T is a lifestyle accessories label founded by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt. In January of 2017, we set out to create something that was modern, fresh and timeless – merging our architectural inspirations with our artistic imaginations and moulding them into minimalist designs that grow with you.


Our Mission

To move away from the growing influence of fast fashion and the over-amplified rates of fashion consumption, Z A M T set out to create designs that fit effortlessly diverse wardrobes and fit them for longer. The minimalist designs, enhanced using premium vegetable tanned leather, stand out as they form their unique patina and personality through use making each product unique for every carrier.

It’s all about staying relevant with a modern, minimalistic aesthetic.


Our Inspiration

Z A M T ‘s first range of products “CLASS OF 2017/18” reflects inspirations of everyday life in the vibrance of a city. The ambition was to develop accessories that keep up with the everyday versatility of a long day in the city, accessories that show the hustle and bustle of everyday life as they forge into their individual patina – Displaying the cherished look that comes with regular use over the passage of time.


Our Motivation

We believe being fair and eco is the only way to go forward. Fair working conditions for everyone involved in the processes from the tanning of the leather to the creation of the bags to the responsible selection of manufacturers in Europe, we do it all. Our suppliers are predominantly from Italy and Portugal and like us, they care deeply about the environment. Our leather is vegetable-tanned, minimising the impact on the environment and using the most natural process to give the leather the colour and patina that makes us unique. With DHL GoGreen as our logistics partner, we feel confident in our model to minimise our footprint to the maximum.    


Our Material

The leather from our accessories comes from carefully selected high-quality cowhides from France. Our tanneries are small family run businesses in Tuscany, Italy exhibiting the same kind of care we believe in. All the hides are tanned using natural, wood extracts and then greased with tallow and sunflower seed oil and rounded off with a natural finish. No dyes are used to conceal natural irregularities in the leather, making the scratches and imperfections a hallmark of the character that the final product possesses.


Our Care Rituals

Our vegetable tanned leather is completely natural, with no synthetic top finishes. Over time it should show traces of use and lead to the development of its individual patina and personality. With its unmistakable aesthetic characteristics, our leather also has great resistance to wear and tear over time.
Remember to avoid exposure to rain. Vegetable tanned leather has pores that account for its natural finish thus it cannot be fully waterproof. You can make use of an impregnator spray before the first use to waterproof your bag.
Remember to avoid exposure to sun. We recommend that you keep your bag or accessory out of direct sunlight over extended periods of time in order to retain its look and to avoid dry-outs, cracks or fading. 
Most important of all – remember to enjoy your product, and have fun but avoid using it as a dinner plate for your buttery croissant, unless you consider fat stains as a welcome part of the patina.